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After more than 40 years of in-depth research and the unremitting efforts of 21 health experts and scholars, EKS will always revolve around the changing age and height of young children to create sleep, learning and spiritual growth knowledge products that are really suitable for children at every stage of development, hoping to help them lay a healthy foundation for life on the way to growth. To help them with a bright future in life.
With the development of human beings, the increasingly busy work and life style make people's pressure everywhere, and healthy physical condition is the only fundamental for people to deal with. EKS growth and Health Research Center has been focusing on the deep research of human physical development, mental growth to genetic composition, and applied many research results to various health fields in the world, truly realizing the perfect integration of technology and products.

The EKS growth and Health Research Center was established in 1978 in Alcobendas, Madrid. With the promotion of 5 years of special research by Professor Manuel Nistal and 6 PhDs in health disciplines, we successfully obtained the clinical data of major medical institutions in Madrid from 1973 to 1983, and conducted in-depth analysis and research on nearly 50000 patients.The results show that human health is closely related to whether to maintain a good mental state, reasonable eating habits and high quality sleep. In the following ten years, the research center carried out targeted clinical data tracking and research, and achieved fruitful research results.In this regard, how to ensure the healthy growth of children and how to maintain a good sleep have been widely concerned by the public and a number of healthy product enterprises. In 1989, under the appeal of European child health industry and sleeping enterprises, EKS cooperated with a number of child growth products enterprises and mattress sleep products enterprises, and provided corresponding technical support and guidance.In the following decade, according to incomplete statistics, our technical achievements have been applied to nearly 20 million children's health and mattress sleep products, and at least 7 million of European and American market users have benefited from our research results.

In September 2001, the EKS growth and Health Research Group entered Asia, with the full cooperation of academic exchange members and organizations such as Japan, South Korea and China, and after 8 years of efforts, successfully obtained data on the physical development characteristics, living habits and growth rules of 100000 young children in Asia, and successfully developed a suitable for four-sided sleeping pose growth mattress product in 2009, which is really suitable for Asian children's growth and height. And has been well received by Asian consumers.

In March 2019, the EKS growth and Health Research Center decided to fully apply its research results that pay more attention to children's health to a wider range of commercial products, so as to give full play to its real value.In November 2019, with the promotion of Dr. Francisco Javier Albares Tendero, who is the core expert of EKS and one of the most influential experts in the field of sleep / health in Europe, EKS GROWTH & HEALTH S.L., which specializes in child health care, was established in Madrid, Spain. And here launched the EKS Research Center's original child growth brand "eccokids/ EKS" as a comprehensive brand of children's home and children's education. The purpose of this initiative is to apply EKS's comprehensive attention to children's growth and health to children's health products, so as to quickly serve children around the world, not limited to children's mattresses. “eccokids / EKS” brand positioning mainly solves three major problems that parents are most concerned about in the process of children's growth: 1. Sleep well: solve the problem of children's sleep quality through growing children's mattresses that can scientifically support the spine of children of different ages and heights.
2. Learn well: through the adjustable learning tables and chairs that can be adjusted according to the child's age and height, assist the child to make the correct sitting posture and solve the child's spinal development and vision health problems;
3. Grow well: through the eccokids intelligent App sharing platform, we can transmit the expert experience of children's physical and mental development around the world and solve the problems of physical and mental growth in the process of children's development.

EKS has always believed that a healthy body should start with children. Only by solving the three fundamental problems of sleeping well, learning well and growing well in the process of growing up, can they have a better life. Therefore, "eccokids/ EKS" children's mattresses, learning tables and chairs and intelligent education products, will adhere to the spirit of craftsmen, will continue to provide children with the top European standard products, to bring your child multi-dimensional perfect care.In the future, EKS will continue to forge ahead, actively assume its own social responsibility, and continue to develop more excellent children's health products to protect the healthy growth of children all over the world.